Celebrate Diversity!

Celebrate Diversity!

When you were in high school or college did people ask you that ridiculous question?  Boxers or briefs? And remember all those magazine articles for both men and women that attempted to interpret your character and skills as a lover based on your choices of these two things?  At that time if you answered briefs it meant tighty whities, which had a whole layer of stigma and ridicule that came with them.

Well if asked that question today, boxers or briefs, I for one am happy to answer this question by saying both or neither and everything in between.  Indeed, each day is a new day, and I love to have a broad selection of underwear to match the moods of different days. Having a great diversity of choices in your underwear drawer, as far as I am concerned, is just as important as diversifying your diet, exercise or music choices.  Diversity matters and makes for a healthier lifestyle.

While I always found the boxers or briefs question flawed and annoying, I do believe underwear can be a great resource for self-expression.  I like to have a lot of variety in my underwear drawer because I think of myself as a dynamic person, with many different moods and feelings.  And each day I do choose underwear as a reflection of these different parts of myself, and truth be told I will often change underwear during the course of the day as a reflection of the evolving day itself.  With this in mind, I thought I’d say something about the different choices I have in my drawer and the kinds of things they do and say for me.

Bikinis: Bikinis are my basic underwear.  They are sleek and comfortable and come in so many varieties of fabrics and colors.  They are contained and simple but can also be bold and sexy at the same time.

Thongs: In many ways, thongs are the most expressive underwear choice for me.  They are bold, confident, and sexy. Thongs make me feel more self-aware and assertive.  All said and done, I think you must be a confident man to wear thongs, and I think those that say otherwise are revealing more about themselves than those of us who like to wear them.

Briefs: While I do have a couple of pairs of trunks, briefs are the most conservative underwear I own.  I consider this choice to be largely logistical – when I am doing hot and dirty work around my house or garden, briefs just seem like the most practical option.

Mesh/sheer:  Mesh and sheer undies are really fun to wear too!  The color and kind of fabric determine a great deal about these, but they are ultimately a great way to tease and tempt.  Mesh and sheer fabrics make me feel fun and flirty but also lets everyone know that you are unashamed and adventurous.

Pouch enhancers: Sometimes you just gotta show what you got, and that little extra lift can be just the thing.

Lace:  I do like to keep a couple of lace options in my drawer, for a special kind of occasion.  It seems strange to me that a fabric can be gender-specific, but the association of lace with the feminine is hard to shake.  But you know what, I’m okay with that. Masculinity is a dynamic, complex and wonderful thing, and as we all become more aware of gender as a spectrum of identity, I think we can all understand that feminine and masculine are not singular things.  And I embrace my own feminine side. I also like that lace feels a little transgressive and daring.